INDIA -g(ITR) opens its 2018 Calendar with 3 Mega Events. ITR  is the right platform to meet the potential buyers from Tourism industry.

International Travel Roadshow (ITR) 2018 India – is the 6th version of the luxury roadshow scheduled at 4 Major cities in india – Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore. Unlike any other roadshow, ITR offers 2 full days in each city. Yes this is the One and Only roadshow being organized for 2 days in each city which helps exhibitors to meet more potential buyers in each city.

The concept of this roadshow is to cover 4 Exhibitions in 1 Roadshow which saves lot of time and money for the exhibitors. This mega event expects the footfall of 1200 potential outbound tour buyers from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai & Bangalore. ITR India is scheduled on February 2018 to target 70+ days of summer holidays in India (April, May & June).

International Travel Roadshow (ITR) 2018 Middle East – is the 7th version of Luxury roadshow scheduled in Top 3 richest & hot outbound cities in Middle East – Dubai (2 days), Abhu dhabi (1 day)  & Kuwait (1 day). This fabulous show is scheduled in the month of April 2018 to target the long summer season in Middle east (April to September). The ultimate goal of this event is to make sure that our exhibitors gain ROI as soon as possible.

Here is another Ice-breaker travel roadshow from ITR. Just imagine of tapping the untapped luxury market in the world. Yes. ITR Edition 8 is planned in Australia & Singapore. Do you know that Australia ranks as 9th highest travel spending market in the world. Not just that, 42 trips have been booked for every 100 people in Australia each year.Readmore

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