NEW YORK – Recently, a promotional video of Nanchang, China, cantered on the theme of ‘the City of Heroes‘ has been broadcast on big digital screens on both Times Square in New York and Ginza Square in Tokyo, which have showcased glorious landscape of Nanchang as well as positive spirit of Nanchangers.

This overseas promo video covers the culture, history and natural scenery of Nanchang, establishing an image of ‘the city of heroes‘ from different perspectives in chronological order, comprehensively and convincingly. Visually and emotionally, this video is believed to be an authentic ‘international‘ publicity catering to foreigners. As a supplement, huge Chinese-style posters characterized with Nanchang elements such as Tengwang Pavilion (one of the well-known landmarks of Nanchang) are also posted outdoors, which functions as an intermediary for the world to get closer to Nanchang.

Wang Bo, one of the ‘Four Literary Eminences in Early Tang Dynasty’, described Nanchang as a land “richly endowed with nature resources and glorified by outstanding talents”. Generation after generation, giant figures have been nurtured by this famous ancient city. On 1 August 1927, Nanchang Uprising led by the Communist Party of China broke out in Nanchang, announcing the birth of a new type of army which truly fought for Chinese people. Since then, this courageous and pioneering spirit has been rooted deeply in Nanchangers’ heart, encouraging them to do their bit to contribute to the development of Nanchang. On the 90th anniversary of Nanchang Uprising, Nanchang Municipal Committee for Tourism Development took the opportunity to launch this overseas campaign to exhibit Nanchang’s cultural ‘soft power’ and carry forward martyrs’ heroic spirit

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