ALMATY, Kazakhstan – The 2017 Sanya Celebration, an international tourism tradeshow was held in Almaty,the largest city of Kazakhstan, on August 7th, 2017. It was organized by the Municipal People’s Government of Sanya, with the theme of “A Romantic Invitation to Beautiful Sanya“.

The Celebration featured a roadshow which highlighted Sanya’s unique charm as the sole tropical coastal tourist attractions in China and as a home to several of Chinese ethnic minorities. A portfolio was presented at the event, which demonstrated Sanya’s strong tourism products and services. The high quality was in line with global standards. As an open and international tourism destination , the city is highlighted by its safe environment which is vital to a nice vacation.

While hosting of the Celebration in Central Asia, Sanya, as a destination for seaside vacation in China, demonstrated many of its international-grade facilities, and gave warm invitations to travelers from all over the world. The all-day roadshow, with several VIP guests from Almaty in attendance, has received rave reviews from the Almaty Department of Tourism, tourism professionals and locals.

Kazakhstan is one of the main sources where visitors to Sanya come from. During the first half of the year, Sanya has attracted 15,000 visitors from Kazakhstan, five times than that of the same period in 2016. To consolidate and expand Sanya’s inbound tourism market, an official governmental delegation led by Sanya’s mayor Wu Yanjun arrived in Kazakhstan to promote travel to the seaside city and highlight the city’s unique natural and rich tourism resources.

The mayor, who sent invitations to participating guests and media representatives in advance of the event, said, “As a strong advocate of China’s One Belt, One Road initiative, Sanya has distinct geographical advantages, rich cultural resources and an ever-changing skyline as a result of ongoing construction and urbanization. The city’s role as China’s sole international-grade tropical seaside vacation destination has led it to attract tens of millions of travelers from around the world annually, with large numbers of the visitors originating from Kazakhstan. Currently, Sanya is exploring opportunities to further expand its portfolio of tourism products and improve its tourism landscape, while working to strengthen environmental protection as well as to enhance its urban infrastructure and the quality of its services. The aim is to transform the city into a top travel destination that offers all the amenities found in the world’s well-travelled tropical paradises. Looking forward, Sanya plans to further improve its tourism facilities and services for travelers from all over the world, including for those from Kazakhstan.”

The tourism promotional event, designed especially for international travel industry executives, was held in the afternoon and was attended by hundreds of executives from across the sector.

Source : traveldailynews.asia